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Dapoksetin's sale as a part of Prilidzhi's generics is possible without prescription of the doctor in online drugstores. In ours online to a drugstore not only Muscovites, but also representatives of any region of Russia can make a purchase. To buy Dapoksetin in sew the Internet to a drugstore enough to pass into the section Veneering of the Order, to choose a way of veneering and delivery. Muscovites can issue the order directly by phone, having stipulated time and a way of delivery. We suggest them to take away purchase or to order drug with delivery by the courier. Those who lives not in Moscow should choose a veneering form in which it is possible to write the detailed address for sending the order by mail. For obtaining full information which interests you use our free consultations. Managers will answer any question and will resolve all your doubts. Indications to reception Drug intake is shown at a premature ejaculation when the period of frictions so short that the man isn't capable to satisfy the partner. Besides, it can be used also for improvement of quality and duration of sexual intercourse by those who don't suffer from any disturbances.

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Dapoksetin as a part of any drug is issued in tablets for oral reception. That is they should be swallowed, having washed down with water. Action offensive time – 40-60 minutes. It is impossible to allow joint administration of drug and alcohol at all. It can do serious harm to health. In order that action came quicker and efficiency of medicine didn't decrease, it is necessary to accept it next the heart. In sew online to a drugstore you can order Dapoksetin in various dosages: 30 mg, 60 mg and 90 mg. It is very convenient to choose the most suitable dose of active agent. The agent, for elderly people and that who has chronic diseases will be suitable for beginners to use 30 mg. 60 mg – the most often used substance dose. It provides optimum result. 90 mg are used in the most hard cases of a premature ejaculation. Independently it is impossible to make the decision on its reception at all. Only the doctor has to solve it. What dose you wouldn't accept, the frequency of reception shouldn't be more than once in days. If you decided to use drugs with two active ingredients, then consider that they can contain different amount of active agent. And this quantity can not suit you. Attentively read the instruction.

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Before using this medicine, get acquainted with those side effects which can arise at its misuse or in the presence of special reactions of your organism. It can be: headache and giddiness, diarrhea and nausea. Active agent is quickly removed from a blood therefore similar symptoms quickly pass. If it didn't happen, see a doctor.