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To me 53. I use Levitra 4 years. I divide 20 mg into three, four parts. The effect is very good. The high dose shouldn't be accepted, it is necessary to choose an optimal variant and feelings will be normal. vas Levitr can use with alcohol? It is possible, interactions it isn't taped. But, theoretically alcohol, as well as drug, dilates vessels therefore there can be a giddiness, tachycardia, the lowered pressure. Dmitry To me 51, erection average and not long. Tried a levitra, 10 mg., everything changed to the best, the member as scrap now, to fall even doesn't think...) Alexander I 26, don't have problems. Tried дапоксетин, to terminate it is unreal.... it is pleasant not to all ladies, at the same time the effect lasted also next day, just there is also all.... whether there is no such effect of a levitra? Dapoksetin has other appointment. Most likely, you chose too high dose for "secure". With vardenafily it can be too.

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One of the most widespread "men's" medical problems around the world is the premature ejaculation. New drug Dapoksetin received so high popularity for the short period that began to compete to legendary Viagra almost on equal terms. Dapoksetin's action consists in a delay of an ejaculation and an orgasm, extension sexual the act several times. Drug is accepted several hours prior to sexual intercourse (1-3 hours). At long, up to 24 weeks, administration of drug the best results are observed. As a result of the clinical tests which are carried out in 22 countries of the world good tolerance of Dapoksetin in the general population was established. Drug can be accepted together with by all means for rising of a potency: viagra, levitra, сиалис. There are also combined drugs which are already including дапоксетин + an agent for rising of a potency

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I tell the experience. Really helps me, the first call was enlarged by 3-4 times as it is declared by the producer (in we wash a case from 10-20 seconds to 30sek-1 minutes), restoration and the second time are farther (with dapoksy) is already up to one half an hour longer (without dapoks the second time of minutes 5 not longer). Already more and more longly as itself already in many respects I can control. To remember the main thing that it дапокс begins to work at least in 1,5 hours. Faced a problem of an early ejaculation. Are really crucially - I lasted for a minute, it is no more. Dapoksetin very well helped. Accepted on a tablet in 2.5-3 hours prior to sex (it was by practical consideration established that it is better not to hurry) - the situation was changed just radically. Now I can really control myself, sex lasts to an hour and more. To me to nravitsyapokazat the list of estimated Used. But there were problems. After two or three months of reception (1-2 tablets a week) the organism began to react strongly negatively to a component дапоксетин - nausea, delicacy and high temperature. I stopped reception, but to accept more and it isn't necessary. This effect doesn't disappear already nearly half a year. Will be ordinary condoms with anesthetic enough.