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Erection – the specific physiological mechanism, failures in which lead to erectile dysfunction of a male genital. Disability to reach and keep an erection becomes the real problem and the easiest and effective way of restoration of sexual function use of the drugs improving a potency is. What is Levitra? The drug is produced under a trade name of Levitra ― the agent developed on the basis of a vardenafil especially for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Clinical trials proved high efficiency of use of an agent for restoration of erectile functions which disturbance can be caused by the nature of various character, including also age feature. How Levitra acts? The main operating Levitra's component and her generics is vardenafit, belonging to pharmacological group of regulators of a potency (FDE-5 inhibitors). The principle of action is based on an enzyme inactivation in an organism which causes outflow of a blood from a penis, blasting an alarm metabolite (CGMP). The last is involved in the erection mechanism therefore its absence or small quantity leads to dysfunctions of various character.

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As a result of blocking of FDE-5 concentration of the CGMP is enlarged, a smooth musculation of cavernous bodies is relaxed that provides augmentation of inflow of a blood to genital area. Levitra strengthens reaction to sex stimulation, that is generics of drug are active in case of a natural sex inclination and aren't artificial stimulators. Influence of drug is gradually weakened upon completion of sexual intercourse with further implication of active action at repeated exaltation. Levitra differs in lack of negative impact on genesial abilities of the man, keeping active action only at sex exaltation till 4-5 o'clock. Levitra: structure, a dosage at use Generics of the agent intended for improvement of a potency are produced in the form of tablets, each of which contains active agent – vardenafit. Treat auxiliary components: · Aspartame; · Peppermint fragrance; · Magnesium stearate. Generics apply irrespective of food, however a large number of greasy food can lower an absorption of drug and according to its action. Levitra treats medicines which are dissolved in an oral cavity and don't demand a proglatyvaniye. To wash down with water there is no need. Levitr's drug shows the most expressed efficiency after 45-90 minutes after reception.

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Before buying Levitra's generics, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and to get acquainted with possible side effects and contraindications to use. In most cases Levitra is transferred well, side effects if meet, then have short, ill-defined character. The most typical side effects: · Headache, mild giddiness; · Rhinitis (nose congestion, rhinitis); · Dyspepsia (disorder of the alimentary system); · Erythema (reddening of certain sites of a skin). In rare instances there can be nausea, vomiting, an abdominal pain and a back, a diarrhea. To contraindications refer hypersensitivity to one of the components which are Levitra's part. Action of a vardenafil wasn't studied on a series of diseases about which it is necessary to warn the doctor before administration of drug. To it carry: · Serious functional disturbances of a liver; · The renal failure demanding a hemodialysis; · Stenocardia; · Degenerative and dystrophic diseases of eyes.