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To me 45, usually problems with a potency never were, but nervous work, regular stresses and the arisen earlier family problems, nevertheless noticeably struck "male power". Decided to try Levitra for secure. Began with a tablet half, i.e. approximately with 10 mg. Somewhere in an hour new feelings not bad pleased me.)) Stood so as if at me the real boa lodged in pants. At me and so the size about 18 cm, but here it as if became even more. The erection was very strong even from a half of a tablet and was felt as morning, and approximately till a lunch for the second day. Then tried the whole tablet, - the result is even longer. Didn't notice any side effects in general, except one, business was in the summer, during a heat, and approximately in an hour the face, especially a forehead as if poured over me water strongly sweated and there was as if "heartburn" in a stomach, having strongly felt thirsty. One more observation - is possible to eat small accustoming since then the half of a tablet worked nevertheless worse than right at the beginning. For the rest - it is very happy and the girlfriend was very satisfied too.) To Saca Me 51, with the spouse I do without levitra since she is a coeval mine, and with the girlfriend one tablet is enough almost for days. on five, six sticks at least on half of hour, at desire I can also hour... It finishes in each act 2-3 times easily and the orgasm receives, and to me it is good. puts a few ears and the person reddens.

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On my feelings, Levitra acts surprisingly! I have a small erectile dysfunction. I accepted Levitra on 10 mg, but it is possible, to me it is a bit too much because the effect of improvement proceeded hours probably 12. And after reception of a dose the stable effect began already in a few minutes! I 47, in good physical shape, am present no special problems with health. My husband tried them (Levitra's tablets of an editor's note) for the first time last night. Today I am very satisfied wife: =)). Most of all I like his self-confidence, and thanks to tablets, everything perfectly works for it. It had a small headache today, it is possible from tablets, but it was worth it! Results were excellent, the truth there was a side effect, the person reddened a little. And still I had spastic strictures muscular when finished, it because of injury of a backbone earlier. And so they were gone. Before there were problems with a potency within about six years. My wife is glad even more, than I, it seems. Thanks. The first time tried Levitra yesterday, before tried viagra and сиалис. Well, smart sex yesterday, and two more times with will be wiped today. I understand this. In principle, and viagra and сиалис worked too, but it isn't as good as a levitra, taking into account the fact that I am a diabetic and 60 years already.

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Levitra saved my sex life. It isn't necessary to be disappointed more that it is impossible when it is necessary. I drink 5 mg of Levitra, it lasts for me approximately for a half of days, even more. Begins to work where that in half an hour. While works, easily it turns out several times — when I want then it turns out. I am already not so young and a normal erection forgot when I was last time. And now, as in 20 years. Washing doesn't complain. At me was sexual function is a little disturbed: member мягковат and endurance any. To me 49, a little excess weight, and it is as healthy as a bull. I accept Levitra on a hungry stomach, I wait for 15 minutes (here it is only a pity a little the person reddens) and I am ready to action. Sex as in youth how many I want and when I want! To me 40, a normal physical state, but here with an erection malfunctions began. As I noticed, it most often turns out for fatigue, at work plow as an ox, on the house there is already no force left. Fortunately, Levitra saved me at least from this trouble. Wonderful tablets though it isn't so cheap. But better let the wife will be satisfied, than isn't present, understand. Tried a lot of things and dietary supplements everyones, lines would pobrat them, well there honey and so on, but after all so far stopped on a levitra. I don't know to whom as, and normally affects me, well not without pobochka there, but I somehow will endure such trifle for the sake of sex at any time!!