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The ejaculation is the reflex representing difficult interaction of the psychological and physiological processes happening in the central nervous system. The oppressing impact on processes of an ejaculation is made by Serotonin. The agent blocks Serotonin neurotransmitters. Because of it its transportation in a brain is slowed down. It detains an ejaculation and prolongs time of sexual intercourse. The agent approximately in 40-50 minutes prior to intimal proximity is accepted and 3-4 hours work.

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Presently Dapoksetin with a trade name of Priligy – the first and only medicine intended for overcoming a problem of a premature ejaculation. Dapoksetin can buy in Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, the USA and many other countries now. Sale of this drug happens through pharmacy chains, and also Internet drugstores. In spite of the fact that the orientation of its influence changed during development, Priligy kept properties of an antidepressant. This circumstance made its influence complex: he not only warns a premature ejaculation, but also improves mood, reduces stress and helps to be relaxed fully. To order Dapoksetin – it means to receive high-quality long sexual intercourse, to take off fatigue and a stress, to improve mood and perfectly to be relaxed. Reliability and efficiency of medicine are confirmed with researches on more, than six thousand men. The received result surpassed the most courageous expectations. The agent gave the chance not only to control an ejaculation, to prolong sexual intercourse by 3-4 times, but gave much more joy from intimal proximity, than usually. And, researches showed that at reception of 30 mg of substance duration of the act was enlarged on average by 3 times, and at reception of 60 mg – by 4 times.

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Dapoksetin as agent from depressions was framed. However, clinical tests taped its unique properties – it detained an ejaculation. Having estimated a high demand of this property, the producer began to investigate and develop drug in this direction. So, in 2003 the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly presented to the whole world Dapoksetin. Production of a new agent from a premature ejaculation was got by the Johnson & Johnson company, and in 2009 the original drug Priligy appeared in the world pharmaceutical market and quickly won it.